Client Success Story - Shaw Programs Ltd

Tailoring a bespoke PA solution to help a client in the software sector create and implement office management systems to gain administrative control.

The Client

Shaw Programs Ltd is a software developer, providing tailor-made database solutions to solve specific problems for end-users. Programs include useful applications, such as software that specifically helps take the stress out of budgeting and organisation for wedding planning and a horse management program for the equine industry.

All programs are designed to suit the customer’s individual requirements rather than a one-size fits all approach. The company’s product development and after-sales support for its customers is at the heart of the business and the director of the business felt that bringing on the expertise of an office management specialist to provide flexible in-house support would be a worthwhile investment.

The Challenge

As the focus of the Director is steering the software development, administrative tasks and filing of documents could be delayed, creating a backlog of tasks that needed action.

The Solution

Out and Out Exec visited Shaw Programs on-site to listen to the requirements of the business and created an office management system from scratch to instil order and ensure that documents were routinely filed. It provided assistance with everything from overseeing the distribution of mail to typing, editing and proofreading content for business correspondence and the website.

The Results

Out and Out Exec were able to make suggestions to the client about what we felt would work best for their individual circumstances and create an inhouse, rather than remote office solution. Through a systematic and hands-on approach, we have been able to create an organised office. The Director has benefited from a flexible resource that adds value to his business, providing a critical skill enhancing the quality of service provided to customers. We have worked closely alongside the client step-by-step over the past 9 months and continually evaluate and refine this system to provide them with a first-class service that exactly meets their needs. Our ongoing collaboration reduces stress levels, saves time and enables our client to prioritise the growth of their business - at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time resource.

“I've worked with Susan for several months now and she is very good at taking charge and sorting out what needs to be completed. She is very efficient and manages to keep my office in order”.

- George Shaw, Shaw Programs, Founder & Software Developer